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Mystery Organic Block


Most of the blocks in the mod are aesthetic and serve no purpose. Some blocks will have a purpose, and others won't.

List of BlocksEdit

List of blocks currently In-Mod:

Wooden Crate

Metal Crate

Test Chamber Lining

Mystery Organic Block

Xen Stone

Xen Pillar Stone

Xen Jump Pad(Xen Mound)

Vent Metal

List of blocks that are planned:

Xen Tree

Xen Fungi

Xen Lights

HEV Charger

Health Charger

PCV Wall Charger

PCV Box Charger

Military Crate

Barrels(Regular, Striped, Explosive, Biohazard)


Pipe Metal

Weapon Blocks

Ammo Blocks

Xen Holy Stone

Xen Mud

Healing Water

Vent Gate

Xen Thumper

Metal Fence